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Accused ex-NFL player strangled by cops after cops slammed his handcuffed head

A harrowing video released on Facebook by a former NFL player prompted community uproar and resulted in the victim, Desmond Marrow, demanding justice in 2018. Years later, his pleas for justice have been met with a settlement and the responsibility of the officer who assaulted him. Marrow earned a record-breaking payout this week. According to CBS 46, the settlement is a record sum for a non-fatal officer-involved use of force lawsuit in Henry County, according to Marrow's lawyers, L. Chris Stewart and Dianna Lee of Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys and Andrea Boyd of the Price Boyd Law Firm. "We are thrilled that Henry County has opted to settle Desmond Marrow's lawsuit for a record sum for a non-death case. Notably, the officer who strangled Mr Marrow pled guilty to battery, resigned his law enforcement certification, and will never work in law enforcement again – two very unusual outcomes in instances involving the use of force. "We acknowledge that the majori