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Cop Arrested After Video Showed Him Walk Up to Handcuffed Man Kick His Head Like a Soccer Ball

Check the video link : After his violent arrest in April, Timothy Williams, 40, thought he was  getting to  be railroaded by the system that savagely attacked and imprisoned him during a police response to an audible alarm. Williams, who had nothing  to try to to  with the alarm going off, was stopped by police and savagely beaten while handcuffed. For months,  nobody  believed him, but now, the video has been released  and therefore the  officer who  apportioned  horrifying violence on a handcuffed man has been charged. According to police, they detained Williams that night because they  found  him while responding to the alarm going off. When police searched him, they found a toy gun  during a  holster. When police searched his shirt, they claim a glass pipe fell out of his pocket and Williams ran. Williams said that being surrounded by seven cops frightened him, so he took off running. He  didn't  run far and when he realized the futile nature of hi