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An unarmed father is executed by a cop who kicked through his door.

Johnny Bolton, a father of two, had committed no crime and was not sought by police on the night he died. However, as a result of the state's heartless destruction of all individuals who cross its path, Bolton became collateral damage - killed by the drug war's enforcers — while sleeping on a couch. The Smyrna County district attorney has subsequently recommended charging Samuel Daniel, the sheriff's officer who murdered Bolton that morning. After hearing evidence from a GBI agent, the medical examiner, camera video, witness comments, and pictures, a grand jury concluded last month that Daniel's use of force was not warranted in the least. "It is regular policy for the District Attorney's Office to refer all officer-involved shooting events to a grand jury. If the grand jury recommends further action, more investigation will be conducted to decide which charges, if any, should be sent to a future grand jury. Regarding the officer-involved shooting of Johnny Bol