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Police Lobbies caught Blatantly mendacity to defend qualified Immunity

  As the PBWW website has reported, when it  involves  police accountability, one overarching question remains. ‘Do  we would like   to measure   in an exceeding  society whereby  enforcement  officials can completely violate a person’s constitutional rights  and find  away with it?’ For our society to be free,  the solution   to its  question must be  a convincing , powerful, unwavering, ‘Hell No!’ Sadly, police in America who violate the rights of citizens currently enjoy this lack of accountability all  due to  the incredibly flawed legal doctrine of Qualified Immunity. The Supreme Court created qualified immunity in 1982.  therewith  a novel invention, the court granted all  establishment  immunity for violating constitutional and civil rights unless the victims  of these  violations can show that the rights were “clearly established.” The court held in Harlow v. Fitzgerald that government actors are entitled  to the current  immunity  because of  the “need  to shield  officials wh