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Dad Takes Over Council Meeting to Call Out Child Predator Cop For Grooming His Daughter

Hohenwald  captain  and Lewis County Commissioner Earl Taylor, a career officer and grandfather, was called out at a County Commission  committee meeting  by an angry parent. Shane Blackwood addressed the county commission in March of this year claiming he was there  to speak  about "Garbage." That "Garbage" involved calling out an alleged pedophile cop for attempted grooming of his daughter. In a riveting five minute speech, Mr. Blackwood said his worst fears had come true. He said "The right thing  to try to to  as a father" was  to return  forward with allegations Captain Taylor had sent inappropriate text messages to his daughter. Blackwood explained his daughter was forced by her local  highschool  to get  community service credits  so as  to graduate and promptly volunteered to serve  the town  ,  and therefore the  county "To  attempt to  get the hours to graduate". Her  go after  community service hours led her to volunteer as a ride-alon