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'Let Me See Your…' BOOM! Father Killed by Police Officer Before He Could Comply

Since almost a month ago, Jalen Randle's family has demanded the release of the body camera film showing HPD officer Shane Privette murdering Jalen. This week, the footage was eventually revealed, and now Randle's family is seeking justice, citing the video as proof that his murder was completely unwarranted.

"At this moment, I am exhausted from sobbing. Tiffany Rachal, Randle's mother, told ABC13, "Now it is my turn to fight and speak up for what is right."

According to the authorities, Randle was sought on drug-related felony charges on the day he was murdered. On April 27, police attempted to stop a vehicle in which Randle was a passenger, and when the vehicle stopped, Randle left the vehicle via the passenger side door.

Immediately as Randle left the truck, officer Privette shot him in the back of the neck. When he was slain, Randle had made no threatening motion and was just standing there.

Last month, when police murdered Randle, they informed his parents that he would still be alive if he had merely followed the officer's commands. However, evidence from several body camera angles indicates that this was a fabrication.

"We have units after him, and police are stopping and coming out in front of him; he was certainly aware of the situation. He needed just to comply. Sadly, the ending was tragic, and my heart goes out to the family. We would not be in this circumstance if he had just obeyed," said Doug Griffith, president of the Houston Police Officer's Union. "I believe it was entirely reasonable due to the fact that the guy was armed. He has many felony convictions for serious charges, and on top of that, he has two black items, one in each hand. As he turns, the cops are eager to determine whether or not he is armed.

However, the footage portrays a different tale. It demonstrates that officer Privette killed Randle before he had even finished yelling "Show me your hands!" The fact that the needless use of lethal force even frightened Privette, who said "Oh sh*t!" immediately after firing indicates that he likely understood it was a mistake.

Furthermore, Randle had no firearm in his possession. According to authorities, he did possess a firearm, but it was concealed inside a backpack.

"He was shot in a couple of seconds, as soon as he exited the vehicle. He never even had the opportunity to hear directives," Jalen's father, Warren Randle, said. This individual must be destroyed. Such individuals cannot be allowed on the street. We need police officers to protect and serve the community, but not to murder."

Rachal said, "At the end of the day, my kid is gone, this (cop) is free, and he must be prosecuted."

Even if charges are brought, Privette has a history of defending against them. Privette was indicted by a grand jury and charged with aggravated assault in 2019 for kneeing a man in the face during an arrest, but the charges were subsequently dismissed.

As for Randle, he will not get the opportunity to defend himself, and his children will grow up without a father, knowing that the guy who murdered him was a police officer.

"He will never attend his daughter's high school graduation. Tomorrow is the start of Pre-K. He will be unable to attend. "It's awful," said Warren Randle.

Link to the video on rumble:

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