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Cop Arrested for Getting 12yo Girl Drunk Before Exposing Himself to Her

A police Sergeant is going through a couple of crook costs after he was once accused of getting a 12-year-old lady under the influence of alcohol and exposing himself to her for the duration of a Father's Day birthday celebration at his house. Stephens grew to become himself in on July 2nd, however, used to be launched rapidly after on a very own recognizance bond, which ability that he did not have to pay bail. Stephens gave the younger lady between three and 5 alcoholic liquids in the course of the night, and at one factor prompted her to chug one of the drinks down speedy so it would "Mess [her] up faster." These allegations are a clear try at getting the lady inebriated so he ought to have his way with her. The younger woman stated that Stephen's later uncovered himself to her in his truck after giving her extra alcohol. Just this week, The Free Thought Project suggested on the story of a police officer with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office who used to b

Cop Arrested After He Started Masturbating Next to People at the Gym

An officer with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office used to be arrested after he was once caught masturbating at a neighborhood Gold's Gym. The group of workers obtained complaints that Deputy Lamar Andrews used to be exposing himself in the presence of different clients at a Gold's Gym region in Augusta, Georgia. Staff is known as police to the vicinity on July sixth and instructed them that a man used to be caught masturbating in the sauna, however, they did no longer realize that he was once a police officer at the time. According to a public indecency report, a 43-year-old gymnasium member advised police that "He found a white male with black hair masturbating subsequent to him whilst internal of the sauna room." Rews rushed to cowl himself up with a towel when they determined him and then hurried out of the fitness center earlier than he should be confronted. Last year, The Free Thought Project pronounced on the story of Massachusetts State Police trooper