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Children were kept at gunpoint, and a tiny teen girl was yanked from her car by her hair during a minor traffic stop.

What should  be  a warning to  a brand new  teen driver who just made her first poor decision behind the wheel morphed into an assault with nearly deadly results after cops treated  a gaggle  of small kids like hardened criminals? In February, 17-year-old Maliyah Clary had permission to be driving her mother’s car and had the permit  to try and do  so. However, she allegedly made  some  driving errors  a pair  of blocks  aloof from  her house so officers with the River Rouge  department of local government  targeted her for a traffic stop. Body camera footage released  on  shows what happens when a cop’s only tool  could be a  hammer — everything, even 105-pound children — begins  to seem   sort of a  nail. It was a routine traffic stop that morphed into a use of force incident after the officers became unreasonably  terrified of  three teenage girls in their mother’s car.  rather than  simply allowing the girl  to travel  get her mother, who was just two blocks away, the officers deci