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Police Punish 13-Year-Old Girl for "Getting Too Close"

This week, Phoenix police are dealing with the fallout from a video showing an officer beating a 13-year-old girl. The child was first accused of exiting a stolen automobile, authorities said. Later reports said that the child was not in the automobile and was just coming up to the scene. In the footage, four cops hold the girl as another officer repeatedly strikes her in the face. Throughout the assault, the lady recording it repeatedly yells “she's a minor!” But it made no difference. The girl was charged with a serious assault. In the footage, there is a minor girl inside an inhabited stolen car. “At least two persons were detained, including that juvenile female,” Phoenix Police Sgt. Ann Justus told FOX 10. That was the first claim. As previously stated, police then amended their statement and said that the youngster was not in the stolen automobile. PHX PD update Initially, the adolescent girl was thought to have exited a stolen car. Now we're informed she "approached