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Deputies Caught Arresting People for Drugs, Stealing the Drugs and Reselling Them on the Street

As TFTP pronounced in 2017, in a huge blow to justice and a nail inside the coffin that is police duty, two former cops who pleaded guilty to arresting human beings for capsules, stealing the ones pills, and promoting them for themselves, avoided jail no matter their responsible pleas.

As the loose idea venture mentioned, former sheriff's deputies Logan August and Derrick Penney pleaded responsible to a large conspiracy in which they could arrest human beings for promoting pills handiest to show around and use the ones drugs to enhance themselves.

These two bad cops received probation best, for his or her crimes.

After getting off with a wrist slap, ultimate yr August turned into charged - again - with with 15 felony counts, inclusive of conspiracy and burglary, in reference to stealing pills from a sheriff's garage locker and setting them returned on the road.

This latest research started ultimate yr and ended on Thursday with August and Penny pleading no contest to the fees.

The investigation became initiated following a plea deal among August and Derrick Penny, another former KCSO deputy, and Federal Prosecutors of the usa attorney's office.

The DA's office said upon getting to know of the of the Federal plea, KCSO Commander Erik Levig started an research along with the District attorney Investigator Don Krueger to study the authentic quantity of the crimes devoted through any member of KCSO. This year-long research discovered numerous new offenses devoted by way of August and Penney.

After he pleaded responsible in 2017, investigators later found out that August worked with different regulation enforcement groups transporting seized marijuana from crimes scenes to the department - where he changed into accused of stealing it.

According to ABC 23, Penny additionally entered a plea of no contest to 2 criminal counts of falsifying a police report Thursday.

He's going to serve 90 days in custody and be positioned on probation for his involvement in the case.

As we suggested at the time, shortly after his arrest, August released a video blaming satan for his movements.

In the video, titled "i am sorry" August stated, "I need to to begin with simply express how sorry i am to the citizens of Kern County and Bakersfield and specifically to all of the companions that i've with the Kern County Sheriff's department and all the companions inside the Bakersfield town Police branch. And all people I ever worked with, everyone that wears the badge that I disgraced."

August went on to say that "I made that decision primarily based on satan playing games with me, and making me experience like i was prideful and not able to visit circle of relatives individuals for assist."

August defined that he pleaded responsible to his crimes and normal obligation for his movements, regardless of blaming them on devil.

Reputedly, this cop turned into fostering a protracted-standing relationship with 'satan' as he'd been going for walks this racket for quite a while.

August has a history of using the strength of the country to oppress others and take advantage of it.

According to the court docket report, he mechanically participated in "Marijuana eradication operations," only to show round and sell the stolen flora for hefty sums.

"On 10 separate occasions among March 2014 and December 2014, August wrongfully took marijuana from a regulation enforcement eradication operation for non-public gain. August disbursed to his former personal informant the equal of 25 pounds of usable marijuana wrongfully taken from these law enforcement eradication operations. August obtained $15,000 from the sale of this marijuana."

August is now set to be sentenced till October thirteen, 2020 for the crimes he become accused of after the 2014 fees.

"I actually hope the choose does the right issue and treats those former officers as they ought to be handled, and deliver them the best sentence and i suppose in an effort to likely manifest, however it is not my function to condemn humans," Kern County Sheriff Donny Young blood said.

David Torres, August's attorney disagrees, claiming no charges ought to have ever been filed towards his purchaser who actually admitted to stealing weed and reselling it.

"to start with, I don't consider costs must were filed. There was an excessive amount of intake of the general public's time, the general public's money, and efforts by the public," said Torres.

"The motive why it turned into finished became due to the vindictiveness of Sheriff Young blood and he wants his thumb and finger in everything."

All of this underscores yet some other way that the police state and the battle on capsules serve handiest to degrade society and create crime in which none must exist.

Developing and selling a medicinal plant that has been used by people for heaps of years is not the problem.

Authorities's prohibition of hashish - borne of racism and the stifling of dissent - is the trouble.

While heaps of human beings are locked in cages every year for possessing a useful plant, the enforcers of prohibition - "simply doing their activity" - benefit each legally and illegally from this struggle on people.

The aforementioned deputies are among the uncommon few that absolutely get caught.


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