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For a parking ticket, a policeman shoots into traffic and tries to shoot an innocent man.

In the land of the free, revenue collectors, otherwise  referred to as   law enforcement officials  are tasked with the enforcement of arbitrary traffic “laws.” Many  of those  laws are designed —  to not  keep society safe — but to extract revenue from citizens to fund government operations. As reported over the years, police are authorized to use violence to enforce these laws  and can  escalate their use of force to potentially deadly actions  to confirm  compliance.  because the  following video shows, police  don't have any  problem resorting to deadly force over parking tickets and window tint. Last month, 30-year-old Travis Elster was harming  nobody  as he waited for his mother inside a takeout restaurant. However,  the very fact  that he was harming  nobody  was of no concern to  the 2  LAPD officers who targeted him for revenue collection and harassment. When officers approach Elster, one officer tells him to  go down  his window as another gets  out  of his vehicle  to d