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Cops killed a pregnant mom in front of kids after she called for help.

On a June Sunday afternoon in 2017, a pregnant woman's 911 call resulted in her death at the hands of responding officers. Since that awful day, Charleena Lyles's family has fought for justice, but this month they learned there would be none.

According to sources, a two-week inquiry that started on June 21 and concluded last week determined that both cops who shot and killed Lyles five years ago were justified in their conduct.

You murdered my daughter! The father of Lyles shouted as the results were presented. Inquest jurors decided that officers Jason Anderson and Steven McNew had no choice but to shoot and kill Lyles after he called 911 to report an intruder.

A week before she was murdered, Lyles, 30, phoned the police out of concern that her ex-boyfriend could attempt to hurt her. During that call, Lyles, who apparently suffered from mental health concerns, was detained for allegedly carrying scissors. She was released on the condition that she seek treatment for her mental health issues.

Lyles contacted the police a few days later to report an attempted burglary. This time, though, the cops who responded to the mother's 911 call were allegedly less friendly when dealing with a mentally ill lady. When two cops saw Lyles carrying a tiny pocket knife, they opened fire and fatally wounded her.

Why Lyles had a knife is unknown. However, if she was experiencing delusions, she may have only scared the police when they arrived if she was suffering from them. A story from the Seattle Times states:

As the police officers drew their rifles, Lyles screamed, "Do it!" and swore at them. The cops continually screamed for her to retreat before firing seven shots at her. The jury decided, according to The Seattle Times, that even if the police had a Taser, it would not have helped or been a good idea as she moved toward them in the small apartment.

In dramatic testimony, the police recounted how their sobbing infant crept over and climbed on top of her as she died, and a child came out of a bedroom weeping and saying, "You shot my mother."

Lyles was 15 weeks pregnant.

Police released the audio recording from the officer's dashcam after they murdered Lyles, and based on the audio, it seems that the cops killed Lyles within seconds of spotting her with a knife.

The audio tape portrays the cops' chat soon before calling the caller, in which they discuss the history of the property and their worries. The audio also caught a portion of the dialogue with the caller prior to the quick escalation of the event, including the use of force. Please note that the caller's name, address, and phone number have all been removed.

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