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"Black and Blue"-Autobiography; Black, Female, LAPD Sgt; Fired police chief walks home in underwear

Court denied LAUSD "protective order" filed against me in a civil lawsuit. Depositions from LAUSD high ranking officials will be made public in the near future. Richard Lee, Croydon police chief in New Hampshire, his town's only police officer, walked home in his underwear during a snowstorm after he was fired and told to turn in his uniform. former Dallas officer, Christopher Hees found not guilty in the fatal shooting of Genevive Dawes.

LAUSD Inspector General's Dirty Little Secret

LAUSD's former Inspector General Kenneth Bramlett, former Deputy Inspector General, Investigations Frank Cabibi, former Supervising Investigator Jorge Urquijo, former LAUSD Interim Superintendent, and current Glendale School District Superintendent Vivian Ekchian, LAUSD Board Member George McKenna, Cira Zamora, Melinda LeDuff Menifee were deposed and through law firm representing the District in my wrongful termination civil suit have filed a protective order stating their sworn depositions would be "embarrassing" if I make them public in my soon to be published book "Creation of A Whistle Blower". I think these articles are far more problematic and pale in comparison to what I will say once I take the stand during my civil trial in August 2020 (given it's not continued a fourth time) Lewd Photos, Harassment And Retaliation Allegations: Inside The Meltdown At LAUSD's Powerful Watchdog Agency