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Activists build Their personal Facial reputation gadget to identity horrific cops who conceal badges

  “Beat them at their own game.” “Flip the script.” “Give them a taste of their own medicine.” Any  of those  phrases will apply to the absolutely ingenious measures taken by activists who are creating their own  automatic face recognition  systems  to spot  cops who hide their badges. As reported during the George Floyd protests, across the country, in dozens of cities, cops were  distributing  unprecedented violence  within the  face of angry protests stemming from unchecked police brutality. Though Floyd’s death was the flashpoint of the unrest, the uprising represented something far deeper — systemic abuse by  enforcement  of minorities, the poor,  and everybody  else  in some way  connected to the establishment. Countless incidents throughout this unrest involved officers who  couldn't  be identified and as a  result of  their anonymous instigation and violence, there has been no accountability. In multiple states, police  are  seemingly taking measures to avoid this accountab