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Cops Refused to Investigate Her Father’s Murder, So a Nurse Found the Killer Herself

Espinal, who's a nurse, took it upon herself to find her dad's killer, and discover him she did. In spite of government claiming that Espinal's father, Jorge Cornejo, had died from a fall, associates instructed her otherwise, claiming he'd been murdered. Espinal's revel in as a nurse also made her question the manner her father died as his accidents were not consistent with a fall. During her personal investigation - which cops should've performed in an hour - Espinal discovered out from knocking on doors and talking to witnesses that a shirtless man had stormed out of a grocery keep and randomly attacked her father earlier than going for walks off throughout the June 20 assault - a day earlier than Father's Day. Espinal could not apprehend why a random man could assault her cherished father as he's in no way harmed every person. Simply days after Espinal conducted her very own research and did the NYPD's work for them, her f