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‘Monster’ Cop receives unprecedented life Sentence for frightening Acts of child Sexual Battery

  As reported on  a daily  basis,  cops  are caught preying on society’s most vulnerable on a weekly basis. Most of the time, even  once they  are found guilty of utterly revolting crimes against children, they receive only wrist slaps and avoid just punishment. One  enforcement  officer in Florida described by many as a monster, however, just made the exception to the rule and has been sentenced to life in prison for his crimes against children. Kenneth Slanker, 41, worked as a corrections officer at the Coleman Correctional Complex in Sumter County when he was accused of horrifying sexual battery against  a baby  under the age of 10. The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office’s Special Victim’s Unit began their investigation into Slanker in 2019 over allegations that he began abusing  a woman  when she was just 5. He was quickly arrested and  visited  trial earlier this year. Before a warrant was even issued for his arrest, Slanker turned himself in to authorities. The crimes were so horrify