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School Cop Caught on Own Body Cam Watching Porn Instead of Protecting Children

  While collecting his taxpayer funded paycheck, a Forsyth County deputy was found to be watching porn  rather than  doing his job on  the varsity  campus he was tasked with patrolling. After repeatedly failing to even show up  to figure  , the department began looking into Deputy Todd Franklin and discovered a shocking pattern of misconduct. According to Forsyth County Sheriff Ron Freeman, after  an indoor  investigation revealed a pattern of "Unacceptable behaviors," Franklin was fired. Freeman said that  the varsity  lodged several complaints against the deputy - not for watching porn in his  cruiser  -  except for  refusing  to point out  up to  the varsity  in the least  . Channel 2 Action News reports the investigation found  the previous  deputy billed taxpayers  for 3  days that he never  visited  the varsity  . A search of Franklin's county-issued cellphone uncovered  a particular  exchange of photos and text messages between him and  a lady  ,  consistent with