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Cops handcuff, body slam, and stomp an innocent man at a park

Jermaine Vaughn had done no wrong and committed no crime on the day he was assaulted by cops. Even the police acknowledge in their probable cause affidavit that Vaughn was merely "speaking/yelling to no one in particular" at a park on Sept. 24, but he was arrested and brutally abused — with a boot, stamping on his face — while he lay powerless on the ground. Because Vaughn's police assault was recorded on body camera and plainly demonstrated a mindless beating, one of the officers involved has been arrested for stomping on Vaughn's face while he was on the ground in handcuffs. This week, a graphic body camera video was revealed of the event that resulted in charges being filed against Sergeant Eric Huxley. It is nothing less than a heinous assault on an innocent guy for "speaking." As the video demonstrates, despite the fact that Vaughn is handcuffed, bike officer Matthew Shores is flinging him about like a ragdoll. He then takes the guy by the neck and slam