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Banned from all taxpayer jobs after video shows, snow mass innocent teenager for entertainment

  Several teenagers were hanging out with friends, on their own property, when officers with the Woodlynne  department of local government  walked up to them. Without provocation, Woodlynne  lawman  Ryan Dubiel randomly pulled out his  spray can  and blasted  one amongst   the kids   within the  face with the spray before spraying several others. This move led to charges against this officer with a severely tarnished past and this month,  we've got  learned that, as  a part of  his sentence, he will  not  be  ready to   add  a taxpayer-funded position ever again — a move, we’d  wish to  see more often. As the Courier-Post reported Thursday, Dubiel, 32, was sentenced  to 1  year of probation under terms of a plea agreement. As  a part of  his plea deal, he also had to forfeit his  enforcement  license  on the other hand  prosecutors took it one step further — barring him from holding “any  place  (in) New Jersey, including employment as a  policeman ,” the prosecutor’s office said