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A video shows officers surrounding an unarmed man and shooting him sixty times.

Jayland Walker, 25, was an outstanding wrestler at Buchtel High School, from which he graduated in 2015, before he was shot on Monday using bullets paid for by taxpayers. According to his relatives, he worked for Amazon before becoming a DoorDash driver and was engaged. Walker escaped a traffic check for a minor infraction, prompting three cops to fire more than a dozen shots apiece into his torso.

Sunday afternoon, authorities revealed the body camera video from Walker's murder, and the police chief stated it was difficult to establish what prompted the officers to fire their firearms.

Chief Mylett said that it seems in still images of the tape that Walker was reaching for his waist, but conceded that Walker did not have a firearm on him when he was shot and killed.

Mylett said that the medical examiner had verified more than 60 gunshot wounds on Walker's corpse, although the medical examiner had first stated that Walker had "several gunshot wounds."

The Fraternal Order of Police in Akron characterised the incident as "compliant with use-of-force rules and officers' training" in a humorous manner.

According to Bobby DiCello, the primary attorney for the Walker family, Walker had no criminal record prior to escaping the police encounter on Monday night.

"Jayland has never in his whole life, and you may search this city, this state, and this nation, insulted or irritated a single person. And the manner in which these events transpired leaves us with several issues," DiCello said during a news briefing on Thursday. The purpose of this news conference is to remind the Akron police department that we are here to ensure accountability.

Monday about 12:30 a.m., according to the police, an officer tried to stop Walker for a "traffic equipment violation," but he refused to stop. The pursuit would endure for four and a half minutes. Traffic camera footage reveals that in this short amount of time, the solitary cruiser pursuing Walker expanded into a staggering ten cruisers.

The police would assert that Walker discharged a pistol from his car during the chase, and a firearm and spent bullets were discovered inside. The Akron Police Department's Captain Dave Laughlin informed the press that police did not see a weapon but heard a gunshot or numerous gunshots coming from the automobile on Route 8's entry ramp.

Police believe that Walker stopped the car before leaving and fled on foot. At that point, he was pursued by police and killed.

"The suspect's actions led the cops to believe he constituted a lethal danger to them. In reaction to this threat, officers fired their weapons, hitting the man, according to a police statement made prior to the publication of the video.

The mayor and police chief said in a joint statement, "We recognise that no police officer ever wishes to fire their duty weapon in the line of duty." "And whenever they must, it is a horrible day for our city, the families of the victims, and the cops."

As we wrote last week, this was obviously not the case. Officers who do not want to discharge their firearms will not fire sixty rounds into an unarmed individual.

Since the incident, the eight policemen who fired their firearms have been put on administrative leave.

"I am before you with a family that is shocked, distraught, bewildered, and seeking answers. There are no adequate words to explain what this family is experiencing. From what we've read, 90 bullets," attorney Paige White said, stopping as Pamela Walker, Jayland's mother, sobbed into her daughter's arms.

"This is not how we treat animals," White stated. "What we witness repeatedly throughout the nation are white individuals who are able to commit crimes and murder others while surviving to tell the story. Jayland Walker was incapable of doing so.

Lajuana Walker-Dawkins, whom Walker referred to as "Aunt Mini," said, "I know that many people like praising their loved ones." "However, it's the truth.

"We want you to be familiar with Jayland. We don't want him to be depicted as a gangster," the aunt stated of her much missed "thin little nephew."

For 90 rounds fired at fleeing man over 'traffic equipment violation'

Jayland Walker, 25, was a top wrestler at Buchtel High, where he graduated in 2015. His family says he worked for Amazon and DoorDash and was engaged. Multiple cops shot Walker after he escaped a traffic check for a minor infraction.

Walker's family believes he was engaged to Jaymeisha Beasley, who was killed last month by a hit-and-run motorist. Akron Beacon Journal reports that the couple's families are suffering together.

According to Walker's family attorney, Bobby DiCello, he had no criminal record until Monday.

"Jayland has never offended or irritated anybody in this city, state, or nation. How these events unfolded raises numerous concerns, DiCello said Thursday. Our role is to remind the Akron police department that we want accountability.

According to police, Walker refused to stop for a "traffic equipment infraction" at 12:30 a.m. on Monday. A four-and-a-half-minute pursuit followed. Traffic cameras reveal that the one cruiser pursuing Walker quickly increased into 10 cruisers.

During the chase, police say Walker discharged a pistol. Akron Police Department Captain Dave Laughlin informed the press that police didn't see a firearm but heard a gunshot or many gunshots.

Police said Walker stopped before leaving on foot. He was then executed by police.

“The suspect's actions made the cops fear for their lives. In response, policemen fired their guns, hitting the man, authorities claimed.

Police say they recovered a revolver in Walker's car, but they haven't said whether he was armed when 8 police opened fire on him. After Walker was shot, cops tied his corpse and waited for a medical examiner to declare him dead, according to attorney photographs.

The mayor and police chief stated no officer wants to use their firearm in the course of duty. "When they do, it's a horrible day for our city, the families, and the cops."

This wasn't true. Officers who don't want to shoot won't fire 90 rounds at an unarmed suspect.

Since the incident, 8 cops have been put on leave.

"I come before you with a sorrowful, traumatized, bewildered family." This family's struggles are indescribable. From what we've read, 90 shots,” attorney Paige White stated as Jayland's mother Pamela Walker fell into tears.

White: "We don't treat animals that way." We watch white folks commit crimes, kill people, and survive to tell the story throughout the nation. Jayland Walker couldn't."

"Aunt Mini" Lajuana Walker-Dawkins observed, "Many people want to claim their loved ones are excellent." It's true.

"Know who Jayland was. Aunt: "We don't want him to be depicted as a gangster"

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