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State Law Lets Cops Steal Cars of Innocent People and They’ve Done it 14,000 Times in 3 Years

  Police departments  wont to  be forced to sell  weakened  and abandoned vehicles at auction to supplement their budgets. The sale  of private  vehicles has gotten so lucrative in one U.S. state, police departments are raking in  many  dollars yearly in what many are decrying as an illegal, or at the very least, unethical government-sponsored theft scheme. According to St. Paul's KSTP, which conducted an in-depth investigation, Minnesota cops have confiscated, sold, and profited 10 million dollars worth of cars  in only  the last three years alone, with many motorists saying the confiscation and sale was illegal. Cops in Minnesota have taken nearly 14,000 vehicles from the citizens. One of those citizens was Emma Dietrich who reportedly thought she was doing  the proper  thing when she asked a coworker to drive her home as she was too drunk to drive. Her  driver  got caught speeding in Dietrich's 2013 Chevy Camaro. The  driver  was asked to participate voluntarily  during a  f