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After cops forced K-9 to maul his throat, a man was left in a coma with a torn Trachea.

Richard Bailey Jr., a melanated man from Northwestern Indiana, fit the description of a man accused of assault and would nearly be killed because of it. Despite video showing cops release a K-9 on Bailey — for only passive verbal resistance — and allowing it to maul the man by the neck for over 30 seconds, nearly killing him, none of the officers were charged. A special prosecutor left her post in the middle of the investigation, so Judge Sean Persin last week threw out the report. Richard Bailey was riding a scooter when he was bit by a police dog. The dog latched on and tore into Bailey's neck for over 30 seconds, eventually killing him. "They must have been trying to kill Richard Bailey that night," his lawyer says. Police released the dog before Bailey could even react, leaving him with a tube in his throat. Louisville Police Chief Patrick Flannelly says the video shows his officers were not involved in the shooting of a man who was shot and killed by a suspect. The