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Cop Murders Innocent Unarmed Dad in Front of Kids While Rescuing a Dog—Court Denies Cop Immunity

  A 30-year-old father, Robert Earl Lawrence was shot and killed by police  ahead  of his own children, after he attempted  to try to  an honest  deed by turning a stray dog in at  an area  animal shelter. For years, the family has been seeking justice  because the  cop who murdered Lawrence sought  to get  qualified immunity. In a rare move, the court sided with the family  and therefore the  Alabama cop must face a civil rights suit filed by the estate of  a person  she shot and killed while he was trying to surrender a stray dog at the animal shelter. Dothan, Ala.,  Sergeant Adrianne Woodruff should have known that using deadly force on Robert Lawrence wasn't warranted under the circumstances, the Eleventh Circuit Judge Ed Carnes said. "A reasonable officer in Woodruff's position, making an arrest for  a comparatively  insignificant misdemeanor, should have known  to not  use deadly force," the court said. The horrifying dashcam video was kept secret for years sh