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Video Catches law enforcement officials in a Lie about Why They Beat and Smashed man’s Face Into Pavement

  Louisville police  are  receiving some much-needed attention recently after several of their officers kicked  within the  door to an innocent couple’s home and murdered Breonna Taylor in her hallway. Since then, the country has learned how far the system will  head to  protect cops who violate the rights of citizens. However,  because the  following incident illustrates, Taylor’s case  is simply   one in all  many  during which  police engage in deceptive tactics to justify their violence to  the general public . Body camera footage was released  on  which contradicts the reasoning given by officer Jason Burba and other officers for using violence against 25-year-old Princeton Brown. In their report from the incident that unfolded in October 2019, police claimed that  after they  approached Brown, he “took a fighting stance” and officer Burba had no other option by punching the  insane  man  within the  jaw before he was slammed face-first into the concrete. But  because the  newly r