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Amber Guyger granted a summons, claiming 'self-defense' after she murdered Botham Jean

 T he family of Botham Jean thought they were finally  visiting  to see some justice after the  lawman  who killed their beloved son was found guilty of murder. While the guilty verdict was certainly a welcomed rarity, on Wednesday, this killer’s blue privilege finally shined through. For murdering an innocent man in his own apartment, Amber Guyger was sentenced  to only  ten years in prison. “Of course that’s inadequate.  the complete  justice system  is insufficient   and therefore the  work must continue,” S. Lee Merritt, an attorney who represents Jean’s family, wrote on Twitter at the time of her original conviction. However, it could soon be  much more  inadequate as Guyger was just granted an appeal to overturn her  condemnation . According to,  within the  appeal, lawyers for  the previous   peace officer  — who was fired from the department nearly 3 weeks after the shooting — cite insufficient evidence to prove she committed murder and instead are asking that she be