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Another Ft. Hood Soldier Found Dead During Sex Abuse Case, Days After Military Said ‘No Foul Play’

  For the past several months, a series of disturbing deaths and disappearances have revealed dangerous and corrupt conditions at the Fort Hood military base in Killeen, Texas. It seems  that each  few weeks  there's  a serious  crime making the news at Ford Hood, and soldiers are turning up dead at an alarming rate. There  doesn't  seem to be any obvious connection between the soldiers who have died in and  round the  base  within the  past few months, but there are some overlapping themes in many  of those  cases. One detail that  a number of  the victims have shared is that they were  within the  midst of reporting  sexual abuse  or harassment that was  happening  on  the bottom  . According to a 2018 RAND study, Fort Hood had  the very best  number of reported sexual assaults and rapes of any US military facility worldwide,  supported  data from 2014. Sgt. Elder Fernandes,  the foremost  recent Fort Hood soldier to die under mysterious circumstances, was transferred to  a s