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Woman Disappeared for Two Weeks, Discovered Dead in a Police Van in the Department's Parking Lot—Family Demands Video

If you're searching for a parking lot or structure with the most security cameras, a police station is probably the best place to start. Numerous cameras are almost certainly stationed surrounding each police station, recording both the structure and the parking area. Christina Nance's family is requesting this video evidence from police after she was discovered dead in the back of a Huntsville police vehicle parked in the middle of their parking lot. Police have not yet released surveillance footage demonstrating when the vehicle was parked there or how Nance, 29, wound up in the back. "She was a really upbeat, fun-loving, and kind person, and she was very lovely," Christina's sister, Whitney Nance, told WAFF. "She was a joy to be around, very lovely and innocent," Christina's cousin Amanda Mastin said. "I just glanced back at her and she was just smiling," Christina's other sister, Latausha Nance, said. "And I remarked to Christi