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Police Claim Woman Handcuffed in Back of Police Cruiser Got a Gun and Shot Herself in the Head

  Unfortunately, over the years, PBWW channel has reported on several incidents  during which  people handcuffed  within the  back of a  cruiser  have managed to somehow get their hands on a gun  then  somehow shoot themselves  within the  head. In 2018, Sarah Wilson allegedly grabbed a gun and shot herself  within the  head while handcuffed  within the  back of a  cruiser . Victor White III, 22, was handcuffed  within the  back of a  cruiser  in Louisiana and also allegedly grabbed a gun and shot himself  within the  back of a  cruiser . Now, another investigation is underway as it's happened  once more . Authorities are now investigating the death of a 30-year-old woman in police custody whom officers say managed  to get  a gun while handcuffed  within the  back of a  cruiser  and kill herself. The unnamed woman was being transported by police between two hospitals for a  psychological state  evaluation and would never make it to her destination. It happened  because the  sheriff

Cop demonstrates NOT KILLING a man attempting ‘Suicide by Cop'

According to new research on police murders in 2021 conducted by the people at, the majority of police killings occur in response to calls where no crime occurred or when the person is accused of committing a non-violent infraction. "The majority of deaths occurred as a result of police reacting to non-violent acts or circumstances in which no crime was registered," the study adds. Police have repeatedly shown their inability to deal with mental health concerns. Since 2015, police in the United States has murdered over 1,400 persons who were suffering from a mental health crisis. Many of these individuals had never been charged with a crime prior to police arrival. Fortunately, a video released this week by Cook County demonstrates that the training is having an effect. The manner in which police interfered in the video below was so professional and successful that the subject of the film — a police officer attempting suicide — actually requested that

Innocent Mother Beaten by a Swarm of Cops, Her Baby Used for Propaganda

Walter Wallace Jr.'s police shooting murder, a Philadelphia man in a mental health crisis who attacked policemen with a knife, sparked widespread uproar in the city. PBWW reported on many incidents of police personnel being assaulted and withdrawn from protesters on the first night of turmoil. On the second night, however, it seemed as if the officers were the ones rioting, and an innocent woman and her baby were caught in the crossfire. Several riot cops are seen swarming an SUV in a video shared on Twitter. They began breaking through all the windows on both sides for an inexplicable cause, with full disregard for anybody inside. When the passenger's side door is opened, a 16-year-old kid is dragged from the car while cops continue to beat him with their batons. He is pushed to the ground and continues to be beaten by the officers. Rickia Young, the driver, is also dragged from the car and abused. Former officer Darren Kardos, 42, was a primary organiser of this mob assault o

Innocent Elderly Woman Pulled Over for No Reason as Cops Steal Her Life Savings, Prescription Medicine and Mock Her

  Jeanetta Jones, 62, had done no wrong, committed no crime, and was merely travelling home in December 2021 when she was targeted by cops from Jefferson County's infamously corrupt Brookside Police Department. By the conclusion of the hour-long halt, Jones would have lost her life savings, her medication would have been taken, and she would have been publicly humiliated by those claiming to safeguard society. For decades, the federal government and its law enforcement collaborators have been committing vast thefts of the population via the use of civil asset forfeiture (CAF). Although the 1980's legislation was intended to drain resources from major criminal groups, CAF has evolved into a weapon used by police enforcement agencies around the United States to take money and property from innocent individuals. As seen in Jones' case, cunning police agencies would utilise this "tool" to prey on elderly, defenseless ladies in order to "legally" rob them on

Cops Spray 30 Rounds at Unarmed Man for Running From Them

Devin Nolley made the bad choice in December 2018 to operate a stolen car and then flee from police when they attempted to apprehend him. Nolley should have been arrested and imprisoned for his conduct, and he should have fulfilled his sentence to society. None of it occurred, however, since two Georgia officers decided to act as judge, jury, and executioner. Rather than spending time for his crimes, Nolley is now a paraplegic – paralysed from the waist down — and Atlanta taxpayers will almost certainly foot the bill for his round-the-clock care. The bright lining, in this case, is that the cops who tried to kill an unarmed fleeing man, East Point officers Rodney Etienne and Shiron Nicole Varner, were indicted earlier this month for their acts that tragic day. Authorities tried to apprehend Nolley after seeing him in a stolen black Nissan at a shopping centre, according to police. Rather than halt, Nolley left the retail mall as officers opened fire in a heavily crowded area in an effo

Cop Convicted for Responding to 911 Call and Beating Innocent Woman

 A Florida lady discovered the hard way what it's like to dial 911 in a police state. While some police officers would jump in valiantly to put an end to perilous situations, others seem to thrive on establishing their power and injuring others. Dyma Loving got the latter after she contacted 911 to report being attacked with a dangerous weapon. Fortunately for Loving, her buddy recorded the incident, and as a result of the footage, Loving was cleared and the rogue officer was prosecuted and sentenced this week. Officer Alejandro Giraldo was charged with official misconduct, a felony, for allegedly fabricating reports. Additionally, he was charged with violence in connection with his reaction to the 911 call. "After examining the sworn statements...and all available video footage, we feel there is sufficient evidence to prosecute a breach of Florida's criminal laws," the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office stated in a statement. Thursday, jurors debated for just mor

‘Melanated Guy! A Cop Nearly Killed a Teen Delivering Newspapers

Every time American police try to improve racial relations and reestablish trust, policemen like DeWitt officer Chad Vorce emerge out of hiding and reverse the progress. Last year, dramatic footage showed Vorce chasing an innocent coloured youngster just because he was melanin in his area. A video of the event was published in November 2021. Vorce's outrageous use of force and racial profiling began when he observed Alexander Hamilton, 19, distributing newspapers in his neighbourhood. Vorce was ultimately charged more than a year after the incident and after being reinstated. The Michigan Attorney General's Office was contacted in January 2022. Vorce is charged with the following in Clinton County District Court 65A: Weapons - felony firearm, a crime punished by two years concurrently with and before any term of imprisonment imposed for the criminal or attempted felony conviction; and misconduct in office, a felony punishable by up to 5 years in jail and/or $10,000. “Our invest

Cop Tackles Unarmed Man, Places Him on His Back, and Shoots Him in the Back of the Head

On April 4, an unidentified officer with the Grand Rapids police department performed a traffic stop on Patrick Lyoya, 26, a Congolese refugee. Lyoya would die moments later from a gunshot wound to the back of his skull — placed there by the police officer — for committing a minor traffic infraction. Lyoya's death exemplifies how the system discriminates against the poor and minorities via exorbitant traffic fines and penalties for non-compliance. Lyoya's licence was suspended, and he was well aware that the officer who pulled him over that day would almost certainly arrest him for it. As a result, he attempted to flee. Lyoya was not permitted to go since it is a police officer's duty to abduct and imprison individuals for victimless offences such as suspended licences. Rather than that, the police increased the officer's aggression toward the unarmed, non-violent individual. The nightmare for Lyoya's two children and his parents began that tragic day, and they were