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The real story of Rosa Parks sixty-five Years Later: What You learned in college is wrong

Unjust laws will remain unjust until  they're  disobeyed by good people. Had brave individuals throughout history not risked imprisonment or worse to challenge tyrannical, racist, and immoral laws, society today, would be much less free — this rule  is very  true for black people in America. On December 1, 1955,  Rosa Parks  made history by disobeying an unjust law that required people of color to yield their seats on the bus to the  race . When the  busman  told  the complete  row of black people  to maneuver  to  the rear  of the bus because a  white person  boarded, everyone complied,  aside from  Parks. Parks was arrested and convicted for failing to obey the driver’s seat assignments. The events following her arrest, including the Montgomery Bus Boycott,  and therefore the  federal ruling of Browder v. Gayle which ruled that segregated buses were unconstitutional, would be a turning point in segregated America. While  Rosa Parks  is certainly  an outsized   part of  American h