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Cop Claims Innocent Black Man “Fit Description” of White Man, Holds Him at Gunpoint for 3 Minutes

Here at the  PBWW site, we  don't  typically use race  during a  headline like many mainstreams and even alternative media sites  neutralize  a clear  plan to  stoke the racial divide. However, there are instances  during which  race plays  an immediate  role  within the  situation and it becomes important to  means .  the subsequent  incident is  one of  those cases. A cop  trying to find  a white suspect, holds an innocent  Black man  at gunpoint for several minutes, claiming the  Black man  “fit the description” of the  man  he was  trying to find . The incident, which the Mayor of Tempe called “disturbing and disappointing” was captured on the offending officer’s body camera. The incident is now under investigation  and therefore the  Tempe  local department  said that are “sufficiently concerned about how Officer Ronald Kerzaya” handled  things . According to police, On August 29, 2020, Tempe  cops  skilled  the Hawthorn Suites located at 2301 E Southern Ave  with regard  to a