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Prisons Caught Using Prison Labor To Make Blue Lives Matter Propaganda Merchandise

The prison-industrial complicated exists for some of the corrupt and unscrupulous reasons however one of the principal motives is loose to almost unfastened labor - also referred to as slave hard work. The very folks who kidnap and cage humans over victimless crimes like marijuana possession or unpaid traffic citations are reaping the blessings of jail labor in the shape of propaganda. Prisons in Massachusetts are the usage of prisoners to make Blue Lives remember products! Many of the matters we make nation prisoner workers produce in our wicked kingdom prison labor device. On top of the already immoral elements of using prison hard work to make police propaganda, it is corrupt too. Especially, the proliferation of jail labor camps grew at some stage in the Reconstruction technology following the Civil battle, a time when southern states set up large prisons for the duration of the place that they fast filled, in the main with melanin guys. Although the time period priv