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Cop Slams His Pistol Into the Head of a Surrendered Unarmed Teen—No Shots Fired or Charged

This week, a Connecticut policeman was given a slap on the wrist after footage emerged of him striking a youngster in the head with his gun for apparently no reason. The teen's arms were in the air and he was listening to police instructions at the moment the officer hit him. According to the CTPost, Acting Police Chief Rebeca Garcia suspended Officer Gianni Capozziello for just 20 days after an inquiry by the city's Office of Internal Affairs, which determined he violated the Police Department's policy against excessive use of force. Naturally, Bridgeport Police Union President Sgt. Brad Seely said that his group thinks Capozziello's sentence is disproportionate and intends to file a grievance on his behalf. "The Bridgeport Police Union feels that Officer Capozziello received disproportionate punishment. We will submit a grievance on his behalf and proceed in accordance with the law," said Sgt. Brad Seely, president of the Bridgeport Police Union, AFSCME Loca