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Autopsy Reveals No Evidence Cops Used Tasers Before Shooting Man 10 Times in the Back

As  is usually  the case with officer-involved shootings and their subsequent press briefings, police departments sometimes get their facts wrong,  repeatedly , dead wrong.  within the  case of the shooting death of Trayford Pellerin, killed 8/21/20, the family says the police  hell for leather  lied about claims they attempted to taser Pellerin before shooting 17 rounds at him, hitting him  within the  back 10 times. In a  handout  by the family’s attorneys, the results of an independent autopsy of Pellerin’s body show not only was he not tasered, but he was also shot by multiple  cops  in what now appears to be a blatant cover-up  consistent with  the family. Haley & Associates arranged for the independent autopsy to be conducted which concluded Pellerin was shot 10 times directly and suffered another two or three more wounds  associated with  projectile fire. Curiously absent from the autopsy’s findings were any indication Pellerin was pierced by any taser’s projectiles. Shaped