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Cop assaults EMT rushing patient to ER because ambulance door dinged his car

The Rochester police department has a history of controversies. Throughout the years, their cops have been documented murdering individuals wearing hoods, pepper spraying toddlers, beating individuals to death, and torturing young children. Now they can add harassing and kidnapping an EMT to their extensive list of undesirable actions. A Rochester police officer has been placed on desk duty and is now under investigation after he was seen on camera punching and then arresting an EMT during a medical emergency. What was the officer's rationale for the action? While offloading the patient, the EMT inadvertently dinged his vehicle's door. The cop had parked his vehicle in the emergency unloading area of the hospital, which is only approved for ambulances, for unknown reasons. When the ambulance arrived to offload the patient, the officer elected not to move his vehicle, leaving it in the path of the EMTs. As the paramedic discharged the patient, the ambulance door accidentally str

New Audio Reveals ‘Conspiracy’ To Cover Up the Killing of Breonna Taylor — Lawyer

Before the tragic homicide of George Floyd through police, police officers in Louisville, KY broke into a harmless couple's domestic and murdered carried out EMT, Breonna Taylor as she slept in her bed. Now, newly launched audio recordings from the investigation into Taylor's deadly capturing paint a worrying photo of how police allegedly conspired to cowl up the small print of her death. Though police declare to have introduced themselves, Walker says he and Breonna heard nothing prior to the knocking and the law enforcement officials - who have been now not in uniform - barging into his house. In his interview, Walker tells investigators he and Taylor have been snoozing in the front of a film in the bedroom when they heard loud banging. "Audio of #KennyWalker and Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly definitely discloses that there has been a CONSPIRACY to cowl up #BreonnaTaylor's killing because day one!!," he wrote,. UPDATE: Audio of #KennyWalker and Sgt. Jonathan Matti

Senator Proposes Revolutionary ‘Breonna Taylor Act’ to Ban No-Knock Raids in America

On Thursday, in a historical move, all 26 members of the Louisville, Kentucky Metro Council voted to pass a ban on no-knock warrants, a measure known as “Breonna’s Law.” The law was named after the  former EMT who was gunned  down as she slept in her bed by cops raiding the wrong home. The move still needs to be approved by the mayor, but it is revolutionary in precedent. “This is one of many critical steps on police reform that we’ve taken to create a more peaceful, just, compassionate and equitable community,” Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said, vowing to sign the bill “soon as it hits my desk.” While this move is certainly noteworthy and will lead to a massive shift in law enforcement procedures that will undoubtedly save lives, it is reserved solely for the people of Louisville, Kentucky. So, after this move, Sen. Rand Paul (R) Kentucky, proposed to make this a nationwide ban in one of the most unprecedented anti-police state moves we’ve ever seen. “After talking w