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Cop Jumps on Unarmed Man's Back and Shoots Him in the Head Over Laundry Detergent

This week, a horrifying video of a police-involved shooting was released, showing Harris County Sheriff's Office Sergeant Garrett Hardin crawling over the back of Roderick Brooks and shooting him in the back of the head. Brooks was accused of stealing detergent from a Dollar General store nearby. When he was slain, he was unarmed. The cops reportedly got a complaint about a guy who allegedly shoplifted and shoved the store clerk on his way out. The lady from the business phoned the police to report that a melanin male wearing a blue shirt, grey shorts, and a baseball cap had stolen merchandise and assaulted her on the way out. During her 911 call, the lady said, "A client is fleeing out of the shop and he struck me on the way out." My arm was pushed out of the way by him. The woman informed authorities that she was not wounded and did not require medical treatment. She informed officers, "I just want him arrested because he is actually racing to the rear of the build