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Cop Opens Fire Into Group Of Innocent Children, Shooting A Child In The Back

  As TFTP reports on  a daily  basis, being innocent - even an innocent child -  is not any  defense against police kidnapping, caging, or killing you. Jamar Nicholson Green learned this the hard way when a trigger happy cop opened fire on him and  a gaggle  of friends as they freestyle rapped on their  way to  school. Green and his friends had committed no crime and were unarmed. The incident unfolded in 2015, but the lawsuit was only recently settled  and therefore the  taxpayers  of Los Angeles  county  are going to be  dispensing  nearly $1 million for the negligent and deadly actions of LAPD officer Michael Gutierrez. Gutierrez - who  wasn't  in uniform at the time - saw  the youngster's  freestyle rapping at the meet-up spot and noticed that  one among  them was holding a toy gun. This is not  equivalent  to some incidents  during which  the gun resembles an actual gun. This one was clearly marked as an  entertain  a highly visible orange barrel and  didn't  appear as