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Charges quietly dropped for Cop who helped smash innocent teen’s Face Into the Concrete

  Three deputies from the Broward County Sheriff’s office were all charged last year after they smashed an innocent teen’s face into  the bottom , leaving a pool of blood, and lying about it.  the whole  gruesome incident was captured on video. Fast forward  to the current  year  and therefore the  violent cops who viciously attacked the innocent teen, Delucca Rolle then-15, told the court they were standing their ground  and may  not face  a shot   for his or her  charges. Earlier this year, deputy Ralph Mackey beat  the costs  of falsifying records, and this month, Sgt. Greg LaCerra, who pepper-prayed  the teenager , also had his charges dropped, a ruling that prosecutors  commit to  appeal, but will likely not see any success. Indeed,  it's  more likely that  the opposite  officer, former Deputy Christopher Krickovich, who jumped in and  gave the impression to  slam the teen’s head into the asphalt multiple times, will see his charges of battery quietly  in an exceeding  frenzy|