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Justin Trudeau To Spend $7.1 BILLION Dollars On Abortion In Africa By 2030

 The Trudeau government has made many statements about the primacy of abortion in its policy both reception and abroad, but none are as brazen as this.

According to Lifesite News, while outlining Canada's new policy priorities in 2017 within the House of Commons, abortion was proclaimed a Canadian value and was said to be "At the core of Canadian policy," by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland.

A Canadian "Value," eh? So says King Trudeau- but not necessarily general Canadian society.

Once again, Mr. Trudeau appropriates the consciousness of society and informs us what we all believe.

He believes he has the proper to proclaim his subjective opinions to be one and therefore the same with those of 37 million Canadians.

He has serious mental problems associated with narcissism and megalomania.

Abortion may be a touchy issue in no way is it simple and straight-forward.

Life and death, mortality, right-to-life- these are complex social issues.

People are hooked into the difficulty from both sides- Pro-Life and Pro-choice.

"Women must have the proper to regulate their bodies," utters the presumptuous one.

That's it, folks-end of the story as far as King Trudeau cares.

Result? a rise in social consternation, because the two sides of the abortion coin battle, it out for dominance.

Of course, how could the pro-life folks ever dominate during this debate?

Papa Pierre Trudeau set the ball in motion together with his "No-term-limit" approach to abortion in Canada.

There is no "Length of pregnancy" restriction in Canada, meaning it's perfectly legal to possess an abortion in Canada at full term-which many consider an act of murder.

Outside of Canada, Mr. Trudeau's true colors are shining through.

Under his global abortion plan, over $7 BILLION(not million) are going to be extracted from Canadian tax-payers over the approaching decade and handed to African, Middle Eastern, and Third World governments to abort their babies en bloc.

Why is that this so essential for Justin Trudeau? Does his description not involve him to figure for Canadians first, then beyond this, assist with aid to 3rd World nations?

What does one call $7 Billion dollars-chopped liver? Why does he do this? in factnobody knows.

How does this massive giver-away benefit Trudeau personally? Are Canadians to believe a U.N. Security Council seat is worth a cool $7 billion big ones?

It's a damn mystery, as everything is when associated with this odd-ball PM. Consider what a $7 billion cash injection into the Canadian economy would do for our nation.

Instead, the funds attend African nations to buy mass abortion.

Is it not the foremost obvious thing within the world that something is desperately amiss within this complete dynamic?

Who does Justin Trudeau work for- the people of Canada or the people of Africa? If a referendum were held today on the subject, would a majority approve the $7 billion pay-out?

Of course not! Yet, we'll never determine because it'll be a freezing afternoon within the Sahara when Trudeau will approve a referendum.

Why can we say this? Because a referendum is democratic in nature.

It is a"Voice of the people"-therefore PM Justin has zero interest within the concept.

Abortion in Africa may have relevance-for African nations and their governments.

It is the responsibility of those governments to resolve their social issues.

Should this funding really be the financial responsibility of Mr. and Mrs. MacKenzie of Kitchener, Ontario? Mr & Mrs. Smith of Salmon Arm, B.C.?

What quite an insanity is that this anyway? Answer: Justin Trudeau insanity.

After four years of his political malarky, CAP cannot consider one move Trudeau has made which provides a pure, unadulterated benefit to Old Stock Canada.

What he has done, and can still do if victorious, is "Nickel and dime" all Canadian tax-payers to maximize taxation revenue intake.

At present, Old Stock Canada exists as nothing quite a tax-payer base for Justin to play globalist god with.

By the way, abortion happens to be illegal during a number of nations being funded by King Justin of Canada.

If it's true that folks invest within the things that they believe, then the Trudeau government believes within the intentional killing of the pre-born citizenry.

If Trudeau gets his way, Canadian taxpayers will spend a minimum of $7.1 billion by 2030.

This Prime Minister has singlehandedly made Canada the world's foremost promoter of forced worldwide mass abortion.

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