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MSM Finally Admits US Cops Kill, Injure, and Cage More People Than Any Other Country on Earth

It took two solid weeks of protests, millions of Americans shouting in the streets, riots, looting, and multiple tragic deaths for the establishment media to finally admit that the United States has the most violent and deadly law enforcement system on the planet. Though they are extremely late to the game, the fact that CNN — whose “reporting”  has been questionable at best  — is admitting this fact, is a telling sign of just how bad things have become. American police shoot, kill and imprison more people than other developed countries. Here’s the data This is the title of the CNN  piece,  unlike any other, we’ve seen before. And it’s accurate. The article brings up numbers from 2016 and compares them to other countries. The United States is magnitudes deadlier than the other countries to which it is compared. A  media review  by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) found a total of 1,348 potential arrest-related deaths in the ten months from June 2015 through March 2016 —

This is the Problem: Police Chief Fired for Supporting Rights of Armed Citizens to Protect Property

Over the last two weeks, anger in the US toward the establishment spilled over into the streets and while much of that anger was devoted toward government property and law enforcement, another unfortunate reality unfolded shortly after. Opportunists would exploit the peaceful protests for personal gain and loot and destroy private property. Looting and rioting have leveled dozens of small businesses and mom and pop shops have seen their life’s work — which was already struggling from the lockdown — burn to the ground. During the destruction, however, many folks refused to lay down and let the looting crush their part of the American dream. Armed to teeth with semi-automatic assault rifles and handguns, multiple gun owners — both black and white — have reportedly been coming together to protect their private business from looters. As cops focused on arresting and  pepper-spraying journalists,  thieves and vandals were roaming free, and emptying the shelves of mom and pop shop