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Man Calls 911 After Being Shot in the Arm, a Cop Arrives, Runs Him Over, and Kills Him – No Charges Are Filed

After being shot in the arm a year earlier, on June 13, 2021, Eric Cole, age 42, appropriately dialled 911 for assistance. However, the police were the first to arrive on the site, and Cole got no assistance. In actuality, he got the exact opposite, which proved fatal. The incompetence of one of his officers, Amanda Rosales, which resulted in Cole's death was described by Police Chief Lee Graf as an "accident." Even if it wasn't intentional, dashcam footage reveals that the incident was entirely preventable. Officer Rosales drove her cruiser on top of Eric Cole, who was bleeding from a gunshot wound to the forearm and lying on the ground. Graf said, "This was a mistake." This does not imply that it is acceptable. Evidently, a grand jury fell for the story hook, line, and sinker, and this week, after an "investigation," criminal charges were dropped. The grand jury found that the circumstances surrounding Mr Cole's death were unfortunate but not