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Cop involved in the homicide of Breonna Taylor, Suing Her Boyfriend for ‘Emotional distress’

  In March of this year, Kenneth Walker was in bed  together with his  girlfriend, Breonna Taylor, when armed intruders kicked in his door and murdered Taylor  before  of him. As he begged for them  to prevent  the shooting, Walker watched Taylor grasping  forever , choking on her own blood after being  crammed with  taxpayer-funded bullets, and eventually die  within the  hallway. He was then arrested and charged with attempted murder for defending himself and faced  the thought   of paying   the remainder  of his life  in a very  cage  against the law  he  didn't  commit. Needless  to mention , anyone in their right mind would understand that Walker faced  an unlimited  amount of emotional distress over this botched raid which police have continued  to hide  up and sweep under the rug. Showing exactly how disgraceful and shameful  this technique  is, however,  rather than  apologizing to him  for enjoying   a task   within the  murder of his innocent girlfriend, a brave EMT worki

Over 800 Arrested Protesting Breonna Taylor’s demise As 0 cops Are Arrested for Killing Her

  On September 23, knowing that there would be backlash  for his or her  decision, streets in downtown Louisville were blocked off officials, police  placed on  high alert, and government buildings were boarded up as officials announced  the fees  against former officer Brett Hankison for his role  within the  raid which left Breonna Taylor dead. The subsequent outrage was well deserved as Hankison  wasn't  charged  for all the world  that led to the death of Taylor. Instead, this trigger happy cowboy cop was charged with “first-degree wanton endangerment” for shooting  sort of a  madman into neighboring apartments during the raid. Despite Taylor being completely innocent and murdered while unarmed  within  her  house , and despite her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, being ruled justified in shooting at the officers during the raid — not  one  cop has faced a  put on  the wrist for actions that left this hero EMT dying in her own hallway. On the contrary, however,  it's  been examin

“She’s done” New body Cam footage exhibits law enforcement officials Snooping around in Breonna Taylor Raid

  In newly launched body camera pictures from the raid on Breonna Taylor’s condominium, one of the officers on the scene can be heard again and again pronouncing “she’s completed,” in a completely bloodless tone, illustrating what little regard a number of these officials have for the lives of the humans they claim to protect. The new video shows what came about within the apartment inside the moments following the shooting after Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker had already surrendered to police. Although Taylor was shot moments before, the police and SWAT group paid very little attention to her and maybe visible searching the rental before checking on her situation. One officer can be heard announcing “The girl is supposedly the only that’s shot.” After numerous minutes of looking at the house, the police subsequently checked on Taylor and discovered that she did now not have a pulse. This is whilst one of the officers commenced pronouncing that “She’s carried out.” Officer Brett Han

LMPD Top Cops Walk Out Of Meeting, Refuse To Answer Any Questions About Breonna Taylor

It's been almost 5 months in view that 3 Louisville law enforcement officials fired extra than 20 bullets into Breonna Taylor's rental, hitting her five instances, killing her. The silence with the aid of the LMPD is a kick within the face to Taylor's circle of relatives and in keeping with a file out of Louisville this week, police don't have any problem flaunting the reality that they can continue to be silent. Instead of answering questions in the course of the committee Louisville's pinnacle law enforcement officials stood up, walked out, and refused to answer any questions. Their decision to stroll out is notwithstanding the reality that they agreed to testify before the authorities' Oversight and Audit Committee approximately the city's response to ongoing protests over Taylor's dying. Legal professionals for the pinnacle law enforcement officials launched statements when they walked out claiming it's miles is not in their interest to testify g

Breonna Taylor Lived After Being Shot, Bleeding Out, In Dire Need Of Help Police Never Gave Her

It's been over four months on the grounds that three Louisville law enforcement officials fired more than 20 bullets into Breonna Taylor's apartment, hitting her 5 times, killing her. This sort of new information is the truth that Taylor becomes still alive after police riddled her body with bullets and possibly should've lived - had she acquired any help. In line with Kenneth Walker, Breonna's boyfriend - who was originally charged with homicide - Taylor did no longer die after being shot. Instead, she struggled to seize her breath, in dire want of help, which the police refused to provide, regardless of Walker begging them for it. I'm still yelling 'help' because she's over here coughing and, like, I am simply freaking out," Walker stated in a recorded police interview 3 hours after the taking pictures, as said by the united states today this week. Obviously, the police pleasant Jefferson County coroner disputes the claims that Breonn

FBI Launches Investigation Into EMT Killed By Cops, Moments Later Police Chief Quietly Quits

Simply before the chief made his statement of resignation, the FBI announced on Thursday that they opened research into the demise of Taylor. Officers from the Louisville Metro Police department claimed that officers knocked at the door and announced themselves and that they had been "immediately met by way of gunfire" from Walker, upon coming into the home. Law enforcement officials were reportedly looking for a suspect named Jamarcus Glover, who lived over 10 miles faraway from Walker and Taylor's domestic and have been arrested earlier than the police officers even broke down their door. For protecting himself in his own home in opposition to armed robbers in the incorrect house seeking to kidnap him for alleged drug possession, Walker has been charged with first-degree assault and tried homicide of a police officer. In step with Aguiar, police have been certainly searching out someone else and other officials had picked the suspect up at his domestic in a se