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Family members watch in horror as a massive cop kicks a handcuffed woman in the face.

This week, ATLUncensored uploaded an absolutely upsetting video to its Facebook page showing an Atlanta policeman kick a lady in the face as she lays handcuffed on the ground. According to reports, the footage was so outlandish that the cop who kicked the lady was immediately suspended.

According to witnesses, cops were apprehending a lady who could only be named Ashley. She was shackled and lying on the ground, behaving oddly, as if she had been taken off her medicine.

“Ashley does have some mental health issues, and we assumed she was off her medication since she has been behaving strangely,” Nell Gibson, Ashley's aunt, said.

Regardless of her mental health issues, the officer's response was completely unjustified. As Ashley tried to lift her head up off the ground, the unidentified cop chose to strike her in the face with a boot. The kick was so powerful that she instantly collapsed to the ground.

“It was a lady handcuffed on the ground. Oh my God, I am completely terrified. I'm at a loss for words. Not only that, but it's a police officer," Gibson said.

As she saw a big policeman kick the handcuffed lady in the face, the female officer who observed the whole event did nothing.

Additionally, according to the neighbor who recorded the incident, this was not the first time Ashley was kicked.

“They kicked her down the hill and she fell,” a neighbor told CBS 46.

The lady recording approached the policeman after seeing him kick a defenseless woman in the face. The cop instantly denied doing it.

Fortunately for Ashley, the assault was videotaped.

“We asked him why he kicked her, and he said he didn't kick her; he didn't even realize someone was recording,” the lady told CBS 46.

Ashley was behaving strangely, according to the lady recording, and attempted to spit at the officer.

“She was spitting at the police and had already spat on him once but it didn't stick, then she spit on him again and it stuck to his boots, which is when he chose to kick her in the face,” the lady said.

Even though she successfully spat on the officer's boots, he was not in danger since she was face down in handcuffs and had no means of spitting on his face. Nonetheless, the officer believed Ashley deserved to have her face kicked.

The Atlanta police department was compelled to react when the video went viral, and according to authorities, Chief Rodney Bryant examined the video and decided the sergeant's actions "appear to be inappropriate."

The department expressed worry over the "apparent lack of response from another officer present during the event," highlighting recent reforms in policing about police intervening when they witness other officers violate the law. That officer was also suspended.

They now assert that the event is being investigated:

“The conduct of individuals shown in the video seems to violate our policies and procedures. However, it is critical for the Office of Professional Standards to undertake a comprehensive inquiry into this event in order to ascertain the facts. Chief Bryant will oversee the accelerated investigation's progress and will evaluate the results to decide the appropriate course of action.”

Consider what type of a person it takes to stand by and do nothing while a huge policeman brutally assaults a shackled and defenseless lady as you view the video below. Then consider the kind of person who would really kick a handcuffed lady in the face.

Not a very excellent one.

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