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Grandparents are being demanded to pay $5,000 in tickets racked up by thieves who stole their car.

In one of the worst cases of government incompetence we've seen, an elderly couple is being extorted by the city over traffic infractions they didn't commit. Their car was stolen and used to commit multiple crimes and despite the fact that they have proof in the form of a police report, the city says they are still liable for the crimes committed by the ones who stole their vehicle. Doug Nelson, 73, is a Vietnam veteran who has never been in trouble with the law before. Last November, after arriving home from his job at the U.S. Postal Service, two thugs came up to him with guns and demanded his car. However, after getting back their car, they began getting red light camera tickets in the mail because the criminals who carjacked them went on a dangerous joy ride, racking up over $2,000 in fines. Again, they were wrong. Nancy said she then sent them a police report the second time, proving the car was stolen an hour before the first citation was ever issued. "Only for the g