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A 4-year-old girl was kept at Gunpoint, once again a family terror as a cops raid home.

Over the past few years, the residents of Chicago  are  subjected to a militarized police-state occupation. Innocent family after innocent family each  rousing   within the  middle of the night as heavily armed storm troopers throw flashbangs into their homes, haul them outside  within the  cold, point guns at their heads, and even handcuff  babies . These families are being terrorized in their own homes, many of them left with PTSD, and  nobody  is being held accountable—because the state  is that the  one behind  the phobia . In the latest instance of  absolutism  terror  administered  by Chicago’s finest, a toddler was held at gunpoint  and made  to  the bottom  by cops raiding  the incorrect  home. Highlighting the sheer irresponsible and reckless nature of the Chicago  department of local government   affecting  raids  is that the   proven fact that  this raid was  distributed  on  the incorrect  home just weeks after police promised  to prevent  doing it. CBS 2, who has been cove