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6 Officers Admit to Sexually Abusing Multiple Women—NO Charges, Retired with Benefits

 As the PBWW website reviews on a regular foundation, one of the essential problems with policing inside the United States of America is the sheer lack of duty and results for his or her crook actions. Cops can kill innocent youngsters — on video — and go back to responsibility like nothing ever occurred. As the following case out of Florida illustrates, officers can even admit to more than one sexual assault and no longer be worried about going to prison in any respect, and even maintain their retirement. A surprising lawsuit filed in federal court by means of Lauren Reynolds and 14 different women, exposes more than one officials who — consistent with authorities filings — admitted to the sexual abuse of more than one women and confronted no prison repercussions. In an interview with the Tampa Bay instances, Reynolds stated that weeks after she arrived in federal prison, she changed into targeted through officer Daniel Kuilan, who informed her that if she desired safety, she could ha