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Man Facing 15 years in Prison For Breaking a Cop’s Hand … With His Face

 A Missouri man is combating for his freedom this month in a trial after being charged with assault for breaking a police officer’s hand — along with his face. An Ozark cop time and again punched the person within the face, main to the officer breaking his hand, and now this guy faces 15 years in the back of bars as an end result. On the night of December 14, 2019, Matthew Calhoun changed into driving down the road and had harmed no person when Ozark Police department Officer Trevor Spencer claimed he noticed him rushing. Spencer in no way clearly showed Calhoun turned into speeding and he admitted in court docket that he had no radar to verify the allegations. Nevertheless, he started following Calhoun. In what amounted to little extra than a fishing excursion based totally completely on a whim, Spencer then started following Calhoun. While Spencer ran Calhoun’s registration code, he located that Calhoun allegedly violated the phrases of his probation for drug ownership and moved to k