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Finally, Charges Have Been Filed Against the Cops and EMTs Who Drugged and Choked Elijah McClain to Death

Elijah McClain was choked and given the anaesthetic ketamine by police and paramedics, according to The PBWW website. Someone in the neighbourhood contacted the cops because McClain was carrying groceries and wearing a mask. McClain wore the mask because he was anaemic, chilly, and an introvert. Two years later, a 32-count indictment was issued against the three policemen and two paramedics implicated in McClain's death.

“I'm not done yet, but I'm halfway there. “I'm halfway there,” Sheneen McClain told the AP.

“I know Ms. McClain and her family waited a long time for this. “This tragedy will permanently impact our community,” said Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson.

The report says:

Authorities accused officers Randy Roedema, Nathan Woodyard, and Jason Rosenblatt with manslaughter and criminally negligent murder. Roedema and Rosenblatt were also charged with second-degree assault with intent to injure and one count of a violent crime. And they're each facing three charges of second-degree assault. A city-commissioned independent inquiry found that police had no legal grounds to stop McClain that night since he had violated no laws. The department's own investigation, undertaken by investigators in the Major Crimes Unit, was severely defective and directed to exonerate the officers involved.

"The inquiries often seemed intended to extract particular exonerating ‘magic words' used in court decisions," the study says.

“In addition, the Major Crime Unit report distorted the facts to exonerate the officers,” the investigators said.

“It is difficult to envision additional individuals involved in a tragic event being interviewed,” the investigators said.

“The body worn camera audio and limited footage convey two conflicting stories,” the study says. Police accounts from the scene and later interviews indicate a brutal and persistent fight. Several policemen, all bigger than Mr. McClain, may be seen in the footage and audio from the body worn cameras. The EMTs who arrived and injected McClain with ketamine at the cops' request were also charged. Aside from mindlessly obeying police' instructions to inject someone with ketamine, EMTs miscalculated McClain's weight, resulting in a dosage for a 190 pound guy.

“Aurora Fire seems to have accepted the officers' judgement that Mr. McClain had excited delirium without corroboration,” the investigators concluded. McClain had never received a speeding ticket in his life before he died.Then police approached McClain, saying he matched a suspect's description. He resisted arrest and had to be restrained, they said. McClain had not committed a crime when police arrested him. He was just returning from the shop with some tea.When McClain was arrested, police said body camera video showed him reaching for a pistol.

“Elijah grasped the handle of an officer's holstered gun,” police chief Metz said following his death. “Three body-worn cameras were dislodged during the struggle.”

But this was untrue.

“He's vomiting on the ground, pleading for help, crying ‘I can't breathe.' ‘Don't move again,' one officer adds. “If you move again, I'll send a dog to bite you,” warned Mari Newman, the McClain's lawyer.

At one point, McClain was restrained by a carotid, a method recently outlawed by the Aurora Police Department. While McClain was detained, Aurora firefighters administered ketamine, a powerful tranquillizer. McClain had two heart arrests on the way to the hospital after being choked out and drugged for no crime.

“I'm an introvert,” McClain said in his last words. I'm unique. Simple. I'm sorry. No gun. I don't do that.    I don't fight. Why do you attack? I don't even fly! I avoid meat! But I don't condemn those who consume meat. Sorry... “I'm sorry.”

He was a light in a dark world, and the cops murdered him for being different. Then they went back to the murder site and reenacted it for fun. Finally, his family sees responsibility.

In Anambra, three people were killed as they clashed with the police.

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