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Finally, Charges Have Been Filed Against the Cops and EMTs Who Drugged and Choked Elijah McClain to Death

Elijah McClain was choked and given the anaesthetic ketamine by police and paramedics, according to The PBWW website. Someone in the neighbourhood contacted the cops because McClain was carrying groceries and wearing a mask. McClain wore the mask because he was anaemic, chilly, and an introvert. Two years later, a 32-count indictment was issued against the three policemen and two paramedics implicated in McClain's death. “I'm not done yet, but I'm halfway there. “I'm halfway there,” Sheneen McClain told the AP. “I know Ms. McClain and her family waited a long time for this. “This tragedy will permanently impact our community,” said Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson. The report says: Authorities accused officers Randy Roedema, Nathan Woodyard, and Jason Rosenblatt with manslaughter and criminally negligent murder. Roedema and Rosenblatt were also charged with second-degree assault with intent to injure and one count of a violent crime. And they're each facing three