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IN LAGOS, POLICE EXTRA-JUDICIAL KILLINGS: The Take It Back Movement's Lagos Chapter Condemns Monsura Ojuade's Murder and Demands Justice and An End To Killings

“We, the Take It Back Movement Lagos, firmly condemn the extrajudicial killing of an 18-year-old admission seeker, Monsurat Ojuade, by a trigger-happy police officer on September 11, 2021, in Lagos State.”

“We also condemn the Lagos police for attempting to hide the truth by releasing a fabricated police report unrelated to the heinous event that resulted in Monsurat Ojuade's death on September 11, 2021.”

“Mosurat Ojuade, who was seeking university admission after getting 236 points on the JAMB test, was murdered during a regular illegal and unlawful search in Surulere area by a trigger-happy police officer identified as Samuel Phillips.”

“Monsura Ojuade and her sister took refuge inside their home while the invader ravaged the neighbourhood,” an eyewitness said. When their mother hurried to lock the gate, the police officer shot close range into it. Monsurat Ojuade was first admitted to a public hospital but was refused treatment due to the strike. Her family hurried her to another hospital as she continued to bleed profusely from the gunshot wound, but she died at the third facility, according to a source. 

We'd want to use this opportunity to remind the public about how the Lagos police brutally murdered Jumoke on July 3, 2021, at the Yoruba Nation event. The cop who shot Jumoke has not been identified, dismissed, or punished; rather, the Lagos police have charged one of the Yoruba Nation's agitators, an Ogboni chief, with murder in order to conceal the sad incident. There has been no #JusticeForJumoke after 73 days. While we acknowledge the arrest and identification of the trigger-happy police officer as announced by the Lagos Commissioner of Police, we demand his immediate dismissal and punishment in line with the law. Additionally, we demand a stop to police brutality, human rights violations, extrajudicial executions, routine police victimisation and harassment of Lagos citizens, as well as unlawful policing by certain Nigerian Police Force members. We informed the public and Lagosians about the increasing number of incidents of police brutality and killings, which have persisted unabated even after #EndSARS. We send our humble respect and condolences to Monsurat Ojuade's family, asking with God to grant them the fortitude necessary to bear this irreversible loss.

May her soul, as well as the souls of the faithful departed, rest in peace.

What we want is #JusticeForEji.

What we want is #JusticeForJumoke.

What we want is #JusticeForMonsurat.

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