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Kids Held at Gunpoint as Cop Kicks Kneeling Mom in the Face—Over Vehicle Registration

As the subsequent case illustrates, the country is willing to preserve kids at gunpoint while beating and arresting their mother for failing to pay the country for a vehicle registration decal. The cop then jumps on top of her as he continues scolding the female. The cop then grabs the lady by way of the handcuffs and yanks her so tough she comes off the ground. "especially after what is occurred and all the protests going on adore it felt like none of that is making an exchange due to the fact police brutality will continually exist. It became sad to be honest, mainly listening to the youngsters in hysteria inside the again." He advised citizens to prevent brief of judging the officers who held small children at gunpoint while savagely abusing their mother - due to vehicle registration. As Mercury News reports, Garcia stated police had sought the silver vehicle for every week, after officers attempted to pull it over for expired registration on July 18 and its