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Cops were called to a school bus after a 7-year-old autistic boy with a medical exception removed his mask.

Across the planet, governments are using their only tool — which is force, or the threat of — in a very futile try to fight COVID-19. Because the govt doesn't act on logic and reason and instead makes knee-jerk reactionary measures that nearly always end in loss of freedom, the citizens are growing weary of their actions. Children, who don't understand the complexity of such arbitrary dictates are hit the toughest when it involves issues like mandatory masks.

For people who are listening, the “experts” on the coronavirus are the entire opposite of consistent when it involves advising Americans on the way to react to the pandemic. Since the lockdowns began in March 2020, hypocrisy has been at the forefront and masks are on the most stage.

Despite little to no evidence of masks having sway on childhood COVID-19 transmission, schools across the country still force them to mask up at college — even outside on the playground. Children with autism, who have sensory issues, are hit hardest by this ridiculousness.

Illustrating just how ridiculous the dictatorship madness can get is that the following story out of Washington, D.C. As NBC Connecticut reports, a mother and dozens of concerned parents protested outside the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) in Washington, D.C. Wednesday night after police were called to a boy’s omnibus because the boy, who has autism, kept popping out his mask.

“I was hurt, like really hurt,” Chioma Oruh said about the instant police were called on her 7-year-old son, Jideofor or “Jedi,” after he kept removing his mask around the period of time ago, in step with the outlet.

According to Oruh, Jedi has multiple sensory issues thanks to his autism which is why he took off his mask on the bus.

“And he took the mask off on the bus because he includes a sensory processing condition, together with his autism,” Oruh said. “The trust I put in OSSE was just violated.”

Oruh said that last week, she put her two sons on the bus, both of whom have autism when she noticed it stopped just after rolling forward. She walked over to the bus to work out why it stopped and also the bus attendant told her Jedi kept beginning his mask.

The bus attendant told Oruh that her son’s refusal to wear a mask on the bus violated protocol and she or he must remove him. She refused, telling them she had a note from the doctor which excludes him from wearing a mask due to his autism. Oruh submitted the letter to the varsity district on March 11, weeks before this incident.

The note states her son Jedi “should not be excluded or sent home if he refuses to wear the mask as long as he remains symptom-free and has no known COVID contacts.”
After refusing to depart the bus, police were called, at which point Oruh pulled out her phone to start out recording.

“I was very annoyed. I used to be setting out to cry because I couldn’t believe how this happened,” Oruh said.

Luckily, nobody was arrested but the college district wasted no time blaming Oruh for the complete ordeal.

“An OSSE Division of Student Transportation driver entailed MPD support to assist de-escalate a situation during which a parent wouldn't leave a college bus, which was impairing the flexibility of the bus to move students to high schoolthe decision was made after the motive force and her dispatcher had been in conversation with the parent and there was disagreement about safety protocols for her child on the bus, and also the parent refused to go away the vehicle.”

However, Oruh explained she never entered the bus and he or she never started filming until after the police arrived. Also, she had submitted the letter to the varsity from the doctor which specifically stated Jedi didn't have to wear a mask because he has autism.

Oruh explained that situations like this one don't often end peacefully and other children with autism haven't been so lucky.

“Our children deserve health care interventions, right? therapeutic interventions,” Oruh said. “It’s bigger than my family, while it’s very personal to my household, and my children’s emotional health, and their sense of dignity. this is often not the worst possible outcome, scarily, and unfortunately, I purchase to kiss my baby to sleep. He’s still with me.”


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